Gift Card Scraper with Python and Robobrowser
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Gift Card Scraper with Python and Robobrowser

In this video, we use Python combined with Robobrowser to build a program that allows us to extract balance information for gift cards that we may have. Specifically, we show how to extract the balance of a Starbucks gift card.

These techniques can be more broadly applied to extracting balance information for any gift card you may have on hand and serves as a way to aggregate all of your balances from all of your gift cards, instead of individually navigating to each site and checking.

This is a toy project, and the purpose is to help you learn practical web scraping with a focus on something that many people may (optimistically) find utility in.

You will require that Python and pip are installed on your machine:

This video is part of a larger series on “Web Scraping and Automation”. You can watch the other videos in this series here:

Further videos on Robobrowser:

As always, the code in this video is hosted on my Github profile, here. I encourage you to fork the project and add functionality for whichever gift card you happen to have:


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