MASH, ProSets, Expressions and Liquid
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MASH, ProSets, Expressions and Liquid

A rich program like Maya needs to hold things together. I combine four features in this tutorial which are basically not related but function nicely in harmony:

→ ProSets (which deal with construction history)
→ MASH network
→ Expressions for the MASH random node
→Bifröst fluid respecting MASH objects as colliders

Prosets is a plug-in for Maya, developed by Mainframe North. If you don’t have it, this tutorial works without it as well. Here is a previous tutorial about the installation of Prosets:

I finally render a frame using a skydome light and Arnold, the skydome mapped with grey and then with an HDR image.

for some stills which show a more detailed fluid interaction, see my blog entry:

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